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  1. Martin doing a low level pass over the camera!

  2. Nich towing Adrian's CmPro Ventus.

  3. Nich towing Adrian's CmPro Ventus.  Our first Tow.

  4. Adrian's Cm Pro Transall converted to electric.

  5. Wedge tail eagle attacking a combat wing.

  6. Nich's Stepp3 on the bungee. (shot on flycam ecoone)

  7. Adrian's floater on the bungee with Martin in the background. (shot on flycam ecoone)

  8. Adrian launching off the Bungee. (shot on flycam ecoone)

  9. Adrian's floater landing after a bungee launch.  Watch for Nich ducking as he was in the way yet again!! (shot on flycam ecoone)

  10. Eagle attacking a combat wing.

  11. Nich's Habicht.

  12. Darryl's Canopus.

  13. Adrian's Discus.

  14. Adrian launching his A380 at Hollowback. (shot on GoPro HD)

  15. Nich's Habicht hitting Adrian's A380 at Hollowback. (shot on flycam ecoone)

  16. Adrian launching Nich's Habicht. (shot on GoPro HD)

  17. Adrian pulling his Speedo out of the ground after it went off air. (shot on Nich's Galaxy S2 phone)

  18. Click here to go to Geelongrcgliders' Youtube channel to view more videos.


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