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Click on any of the images to make them larger.  If you have any questions please contact us via the contacts page.

Nich's V Tail Skydancer.

An electric combat wing with a wedge tail eagle.

The damage caused by 1 claw of the wedgie!!!

Look Close, Eagle chasing Andrew's combat wing.

Getting closer.

Got it!!!!!

Combat wings in action.

Nich's electric Spitfire.

Adrian's Micro in flight.

Adrian's multi coloured electric glider. Used to carry an onboard camera.

A bird of prey has grabbed a bird of prey!!!

Now the eagle leaves with the tail. Who won???

More combat wings in action.

Eagle about to grab a glider.

Nich's conventional tailed Skydancer.

A shot of our friendly Wedgie!!

Andrew's electric Pulse ready for a maiden flight.

Andrew's electric Pulse returning safely after its maiden flight.

Adrian's Ventus.

Adrian's Ventus aboutto touch down.


Eagle diving for an attack.

Adrian with his Ventus. Wing tips painted red to make it easier to see.

The Ventus being towed by Nich's electric Ugly Stick 60.

Still being towed, it is hard to see the tow line.

The tug returning over the field with the tow line still attached.

Flying at Hollowback.

Martin, Nich & Darryl with Martin's Skydancer in the sky.

Flying at Hollowback 17knt NE.

Martin, Nich & Darryl launching his Falcon.

Darryl's Falcon at Hollowback.

Nich's Skydancer at Hollowback.

Adrian's Skydancer with ground interaction.

Adrian with the tail, Darryl with wing and fuse and Martin just for support.

Nich launching his Speedo at Hollowback.

Martin & Adrian either side of Darryl.

What have you got there Darryl???

The walk of shame.

Oh that's what you had Darryl!!!!

The crew, Darryl, Martin & Nich with Martin's Skydancer in shot at Hollowback.

Adrian launching his A380 at Hollowback.

Nich's Habicht & Adrian's A380.

The Habicht moves in for the kill.

The A380 wing does not appreciate a visit from the Habicht. There is a video on the video page.

Still shot taken from a video.

Wedge tailed eagle atttacking

Still shot taken from a video.

Wedge tailed eagle having a look before atttacking.

Still shot taken from a video.

Still shot taken from a video.

Still shot taken from a video.

Still shot taken from a video.

Look at the marks across the top of the wing, thankfully the Eagle only jsut hit it.

Andrew with his Typhoon.

It Flies.

Looks good and it is fast in the air.

Ian with his Bixlar and Cloud

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