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Click on any of the images to make them larger.  If you have any questions please contact us via the contacts page.

Adrian's Skydancer with fibreglass moulded wings.

Dave with his Tucano.

Dave's Tucano in flight.

Nich's Stepp Up 3.3m wing span in flight.

Dave about to launch his Southern Sailplane's Ricochet.

The Ricochet in flight.

Dave with one of his models.

Here it is in flight.

Dave about to launch another of his gliders.

Here it is in flight.

Nich's 2 channel Schleicher KA-7.

Looks good in flight!!

Martin launching his Skydancer with fibreglass moulded wings.

Dave launching Nich's Speedo MKII.

The speedo in flight.

Martin's slope flying Spitfire. No motor.

How good does this look in flight?

The eagle about to grab a combat wing.

Adrian's electric transall after a major rebuild.

Zagi combat wing with a wedge tail eagle grabbing it.

Adrian's Windrider Fox.

Adrian & Darryl's Speedo MKII. Now whos is whos.

Adrian's Speedo MKII.

Martin's old Skydancer and Darryl's Speedo on a less than perfect landing.

Adrian with his Souther Sailplanes Ricochet.

The eagle about to grab a wing.

Adrian's Skydancer with Dave's Ricochet in the foreground.

Darryl's Canopus.

Darryl and his speedo.

The Weddgie ready for an attack.

And she won!!

Wedgie following a combat wing ready for a kill.

Wedgie attempting to grab a combat wing that has gone inverted trying to avoid her.

Almost got it!

She even has a go at an electric combat wing.

Darryl's Falcon

Darryl's white Falcon and Martin's Skydancer.

Nich's Skydancer.

Martin and his new Speedo MKII.

Click on image for an animation of Martin being silly.

And again, another animation of Martin.

Nich and his new Habicht.

Nich's Habicht.

Front on shot of Nich's Habicht.

Adrian's Ricochet.

Another shot of Adrian's Ricochet.

Click for animated shot of Nich's Habicht being launched by Darryl.

Click on image for animation of bungee launch of Adrian's floater.

Darryl and his canopus.

Martin with his new Mini Vector.

And the Mini Vector flies!!!

Click for animation of Mini Vector in flight.

Click for animation of a not so graceful first landing!!

Adrian with his Micron400 as a slope soarer.

Andrew and his Speedo MKII.

Who is that down the hill collecting a glider?

Adrian's Discus.

Animation of Nich landing his Habicht.

Martin's Speedo, Dave's Spirit & Adrian's Speedo (left to right)

Dave, Adrian & Martin having a relaxing fly in Dave's front yard.

Adrian holding the A380 for size.

Nich launching the A380, engines removed to reduce drag.

Martin's Bard, Adrian's A380 and Speedo.

It flys. Looks realitic as well.

Windrider A380 with fibreglass over EPO foam.

Adrian with his Speedo and Nich coming in to land his Skydancer.

Adrian with his Phoenix 2000 from Hobby King.

Animation of Adrian launching the Phoenix 2000.

Dave and his BD5 ready for maiden flight.

Martin & his Skydancer with Darryl on the left watching.

Dave's Ricochet.

Darryl's Canopus.

Adrian's Speedo stuck in the ground after going off air.

The mud tells the story!!!

Look in the red circle. Yes it's Darryl down the bottom of the hill!!!

Adrian teaching Dave stick movements.

Holding the radio up so Dave can see the stick movements and the plane respond in the background.

Nich's Habicht

Minor mishap playing with the spoilers on landing!!

Darryl's home made Jart, it flew well.

The freindly eagle having a look at a combat wing.

Adrian's Skydance and an eagle.

Taken off a viedeo

Look at the lower right for a small Hawk or similar

Taken from video.

Darryl's Jart built from scratch.

Ooppss Darryl parked at the bottom of the hill, minor damage, quick repair.

Oooopppppssss, Darryl again, not a quick repair!!!!

A nice winter's day at the slope!!

Adrian with his Jart M70 before maiden.

Adrian's Jart M70 on maiden flight

Close up of Adrian's Jart M70 on maiden

Nich's Speedo Light on maiden flight

Animation of Adrian's acrobatics

Should have used the breaks for maiden landing

Rocks are not your friend.

Nich's Speedo Lite, pays to check the battery!!!

Martin with his new Libelle.

Adrian's Transall at GMAA.

Adrian's Transall doing a low flyby at GMAA.

Click on image for animation

Martin landing the discuss after a successful tow.

Click on image for animation

Nich's less than perfect landing, poor prop!!

Click on image for animation.

Nich towing Martin up!!

Nich's Skydancer on final

nearly down

Darryl with his Fauvette

Darryl's Fauvette

Martin's Mystique

Martin's Mystique

Adrian's new speedo

Nich and Adrian in a bit of comabt

so close!!!!

Who says he is evil!!!

Max;s vertical landing.

note the amgle of the nose!!!

Has anyone seen my plane?? Darryl's favorite line.

Daryl & Martin's RV9

Martin's RV9

What do you call a collection of Speedos?

What happened Max? 2nd set of wing for the day!!!

What are you doing up the tree Max?

There is the 1st set of wings for the day!!!

Dave's collection for a short session on the slope.

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